Our History

Two years ago a team of researchers at the University of Michigan came together to create a novel technology: a diagnostic device that could rapidly measure a patient's immune response, allowing physicians to implement precision medicine in the intensive care unit. From this idea, MicroKine™ was born. Compared to existing technologies, MicroKine™ reduces diagnostic turnaround time ten-fold, and sample volumes by over 1000-fold.

Key Milestones

Last year, our team obtained a one-time FDA exemption to use MicroKine™ on a 9-year old girl suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She had received a new form of cancer immunotherapy called CAR-T, a treatment process in which a patient's t-cells are ex-vivo re-engineered to fight cancer. The treatment triggered an overactive immune response called Cytokine Release Syndrome, a severe reaction that occurs among 40% of those who receive CAR-T. Recognizing the severity of her condition, physicians called the MicroKine™ lab, and our technology enabled them to accurately measure her immune response, which then informed their medication decisions. The patient survived, and she is now cancer-free.